Flattened Rice Snack (Aval Vilayichathu)

Tasty Gluten free snack!

Indu's International Kitchen

Aval VilayichathuAnother quick and healthy snack from my amma’s repertoire of easy snack recipes! As kids we used to always come home to find a tea time snack and different types of aval (poha) dishes used to be common.  I have posted one aval recipe before – Aval nanachathu.  Today I am posting a variation of this. This recipe of Aval Vilayichathu makes a snack that can last longer since it caramelizes the jaggery and lightly fries the poha in it. So this keeps longer.

Aval Vilyaichathu (Kerala)Last week when I was at the Indian grocers, I noticed the pack of red poha which is poha made from red rice. This is common in Kerala and I think, not so common in other parts of India. I was instantly reminded of my amma’s ‘aval vilayichathu’ and so grabbed the pack so I could make it that weekend. This time I also added ripe…

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