Almond Butter Strawberry Sandwich Roll Ups

Healthy Easy Snack!

Indu's International Kitchen

Almond butter strawberry roll upsI am finally on a much needed sabbatical from work. Especially with the last two years being as crazy as they have been with my high paced work schedule and with my RA setting in last year. So I am taking a 3 month break from work to do the 3 Rs -rest, relax and rejuvenate 🙂 And also so I can focus 100% on following my naturopathic plan and heal my body.

So last week was my first week off.  The 1st day ended up being very hectic – I needed to make some appointments – dentist, physician, AC technician etc etc. And fill forms – my disability application, my son’s high school camp forms etc. etc. And my team member from work called me. To ask some work related stuff. And he called three times. Yikes.

Anyways, 2nd day looked more promising and I had a morning stroll in our backyard taking in the…

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