Tapioca(Cassava) with onion chutney – “Kappa and Ulli chamanthi”

A traditional keralian dish – steamed tapioca or yuca is a good vegan and gluten free option

Indu's International Kitchen

Steamed CassavaCassava or Yuca root , called as ‘Kappa’ in Malayalam, is widely grown in southern India especially in Kerala and thereby is a staple in Kerala cuisine.  Tapioca/Cassava is common in many other cuisines like South American and South Asian.  For folks who get confused between tapioca and Cassava, they both essentially refer to the same root vegetable, however, Cassava or Yuca is the vegetable in its natural form where as tapioca is referred to the products made from cassava such a tapioca starch or tapioca pearls. In India, though only the word tapioca is used for all the products. So less confusion there 🙂

Here’s a pic of this vegetable for folks who have never seen it before so that next time you see it in your grocers, you will feel tempted to pick it up!

yuca picture

In Kerala, Kappa is served at breakfast or as a main course at lunch…

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